All this information and more can be found within your own personal Destiny or Soul Cards. The benefits you receive from a personal reading can be both transformative and illuminating. This system uses an ancient system that we know as common playing cards Hidden within this deck of cards is a wealth of knowledge you can access simply by using your date of birth. These cards can give you incredibly accurate details on your personality, your relationships and how you interact with others, your strengths and weaknesses, the challenges you face, issues from past lives and so much more.

This system involves a precise mathematical formula pre-determined by your date of birth, more similar to a Natal Chart in Astrology. With set patterns, these cards can reveal the different manifestations possible allowing you to choose the higher or more positive energy to reach your highest potential thus giving you a greater insight into your chosen life path.

This system is very similar to an “instruction manual” or a “road map” – allowing us a greater self-understanding and self-awareness of who we are, our strengths and our weaknesses and, more importantly, what challenges we will be facing as we move forward in our lives. We are all here to learn and evolve and this will help you have a better understanding of what challenges you face, what events will be occurring in your life, what choices would help you realize your highest potential.

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