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Destiny Life Spread Reading – A life spread reading delves deeply into your chosen path during this lifetime. It is your personal story from birth and beyond as you move through the 13 year cycles of your life. This reading brings you an amazing awareness and greater understanding of your own spiritual growth and the choices and challenges you have set before you. A wonderful tool for self-development!
Destiny Life Spread Reading
Yearly Destiny Reading – Every year, on our birthday, we begin a new adventure with new opportunities and new challenges. When you schedule your reading we will discuss your desires as well as any issues you feel most likely to affect you at this time. Together we will explore the choices you face, address these concerns to allow you more clarity and understanding thus enabling you to make better choices as you move through the year.
Yearly Destiny Reading

Relationship Reading – A relationship reading offers a great deal of insight into how you connect to others and how others relate to you. Using this system can greatly improve your understanding of your most challenging relationships and how to improve your communication skills with those around you. This is a wonderful tool for both personal and business relationships allowing you to achieve greater harmony and a more in-depth understanding of the many people in your life.
Relationship Reading


Our Unique Birth Cards – Who are you?
In this basic beginner’s class we will explore our own Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards. You will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge and insight these cards can give you into your own lives as well as those you care about. Can you imagine how helpful it could be to truly understand yourself, your spouse, your children or any of the myriad of people in your life? Join us as we discover the traits inherent in these cards.
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Our Special Karma Cards
In this class we will explore the specific traits you chose to bring into this lifetime. The majority of us have two of these unique cards and even those who belong to the special group of seven can gain much insight from this knowledge. These cards can assist us in having a much more in-depth understanding of what challenges and what gifts we each have within our grasp. Join us in this enlightening class as we delve more deeply into who we are.
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All about Relationships
In this class we will discover the many ways we connect with the various people in our lives. Have you ever felt an instant connection to someone or perhaps an instant dislike? Have you ever wondered how “love at first sight” is possible? This class will assist you in recognizing some of the many underlying influences present in our most important relationships. Gaining a better understanding of how you relate to certain people will offer you much insight and assist you in alleviating miscommunications, overcoming frustration and allow you to find better ways to communicate. Join us as we explore how to more effectively speak to those unique individuals in our lives.
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