And Baby Makes Three….

As the world anxiously awaits the birth of the third child of Prince William and Kate we can look again to the Destiny Divination system to show us how this was written in the cards….

Using the date of birth this system allows us an opportunity to discover a great deal of information regarding our own life and some of the choices that are in front of us. This can involve a very deep and soul-searching session as we delve into our challenges and our gifts to something as simple as an impending birth, new job, change in home or many of the daily situations and decisions we face.

William-and-KateIf we look at Kate’s yearly spread for this upcoming year we can see that she began discussing the possibility of having a third child with her husband, Prince William as she was turning 35. Her desire is prominent with the two of hearts (her lover/husband) and the ace of hearts supporting this discussion (new baby/love). They are known to be a very private couple and most likely only announced this pregnancy recently due to Kate’s severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum), something she has suffered with each pregnancy.

However, it is clear from her yearly spread that having a third child has been on her mind a great deal this year. She has a several three of hearts scattered prominently throughout much of her yearly spread, all indicative of her desire for another child, in particular a third child. She has a ten of hearts and Queen of hearts in her Jupiter period revealing her role as a mother is very fulfilling for her, something she cherishes and very much enjoys.

There is much speculation as to the delivery date of this child and it is keeping the bookies active! As she moves into her spread next year (after her birthday in January 2018) it does appear that her child will be born in late March or April as she has strong cards indicating her role as a Mother expands during this time period. She has a ten of hearts supported by the two of hearts indicating an announcement of the birth. Her ruling card shows the queen of hearts with her role as a Mother becoming the main feature in this time period.

In general, the next year will be focused more about her family and as we already know, Kate has always done things her way. This is a strong quality in all five of spades, her birth card and her king of hearts ruling card is a wonderful card for her role as a parent. She truly desires a family and enjoys her role as a mother. This year may prove a bit challenging for her as she transitions from the more simple structure of handling two children to juggling three children! Of course, she does have help but she has also been known to be a very “hands-on” mother and will be very involved this year in her role as a parent as will her husband, Prince William.

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