About The Atlantean Oracle

This article is a reprint from author Robert Lee Camp and his early work with the Cards of your Destiny. It is offered to give you greater insight and understanding into the history of this ancient system and Robert’s work.

Did you know that the Cards of Your Destiny book was originally  called “The Atlantean Oracle”? Here is a very early article, just as the book was being released.

About The Atlantean Oracle and The Cards of Your Destiny

March 16, 1992
Robert Camp

The Atlantean Oracle is an ancient system and science of self-understanding and forecasting that can be used effectively and profitably on many different levels. It is a system that is easy to learn and remarkable in the depth of information that it can offer the individual. It is truly a tool for the Aquarian Age, a tool of practical as well as spiritual value. The Cards of Your Destiny is the first book to fully reveal the methods of forecasting and relationship comparison that are an integral part of this amazing system.

Though centered around our common playing cards, the Atlantean Oracle does not require the random shuffling of cards into layouts as with Tarot and other forms of divination. Within the pages of the Oracle each person will find all the cards of his or her destiny already cast and present, determined by their birthday. One has only to look up the cards for any year and month of life and translate them into their meanings. Every card found will represent someone the subject knows or something that will occur in his or her life.

In this way, the Oracle is likened to a book of destiny, for one’s life is seemingly predetermined, just as in astrology, by the date of their birth. The information that comes from the translation of the card symbols is both uncanny in its accuracy and practical in its application. The technique of learning and using this system is one of the easiest to learn. It can be learned in about 3 hours and it can be learned by anyone. For this reason, this system is usable by anyone wishing to obtain valuable and accurate information about their life’s karmic path and personal destiny. It is also fun and fascinating to learn.

A Personal Guide for Making Life Decisions

It is a system that on a very practical level allows one to make better life choices by showing the influences that are present and those that are coming in the future and how these might affect one’s goals and directions. In this regard it can be helpful in making decisions about relationships, work, travel, health and finances. It accurately predicts the occurrence of many different kinds of events including marriage, divorce, love affairs, business success, the outcome of legal matters, travel, health difficulties and recovery, financial gains and losses, birth of children, and the success or failure of many different types of business and professional endeavors.

These predictions are given with specific time frames and people that are involved are named specifically by their date of birth. This information alone can be invaluable in making many important life decisions. It is in the area of relationships, that the Oracle really offers practical and valuable information. Very detailed information is available to give one a clear understanding of the nature of all one’s relationships.

Relationships are looked at from the life-long perspective to see how any two people relate and are karmically tied together, and then on a year by year basis and finally on a month by month basis. Another aspect of the Oracle tells the timing of new relationships, love affairs, divorce, love triangles and hidden love involvements. The birth of children is also covered in some detail. All this information is available through the knowledge of the cards.

The Oracle as a Spiritual Guide

The Oracle can also be used for increased self understanding and self
awareness. As the cards of our destiny unfold, they reflect back to us the underlying causes of the manifestations that make up the events and experiences of our life. With increased understanding of how and why we are creating our life to be the way it is, we are able to take more responsibility for our lives. Then, if we decide to make changes in our lives, they are from a place of deeper understanding and power and consequently bring more consistent results.

Though our lives seem to be destined from the standpoint that all the cards for our life are already drawn, within each card are possibilities for many different manifestations. Once we are aware of the possible dynamics of each card, we can consciously choose to manifest its highest and most positive energies. This is a method that challenges the individual to turn every event and experience in his or her life into growth and expansion.

Using and mastering the system of the Atlantean Oracle provides a
structure and a methodology for self transformation. Many of the cards that are found in one’s yearly or weekly spread contain the possibility for mystical and religious experience, mental illumination and transcendence of the normal difficulties that our lives are.

Interestingly, the cards that represent the most difficulties on a material and mundane level are the very ones that promise inner growth, experiences of high consciousness and transcendence of the very problems they point to. Within the meanings of the cards found in The Cards of Your Destiny are found the keys to accessing these higher experiences. In this way, an individual can learn to transcend the usual things that he or she gets hung up on and experience the freedom and joy of spiritual illumination and non attachment.

The actual process of self transformation is accelerated due to the mirror that the cards provide the individual for seeing himself or herself. With increased self-awareness comes increased self-responsibility and increased self-transformation. Though the experience of seeing ourselves is not always pleasant, the end result of taking responsibility for our lives is that of true personal freedom and power to shape one’s destiny.

Each person has inherent in their card-pattern a possibility for highest attainment. By whatever means, of which the Atlantean Oracle is but one, we get a true and clear picture of ourselves and begin the process of reclaiming our power to shape our destiny, we come closer to the attainment of those latent possibilities in our card. The soon to be released book, Where Are You in the Fifty Two? elaborates on the total karmic picture for each of the 52 card personalities of the Atlantean Oracle. It tells the lowest and highest manifestations for each card.

Reading this, the individual gets an immediate reflection of where he or she is at. The individual discovers how much or how little of their full potential they are actualizing and sees why they are where they are and how to make changes if they want to. Signposts are given for directions of greater fulfillment so that the old question of “What should I be doing with my life?” is given some direction.

Just as with astrology, the Atlantean Oracle provides a mirror of where we are at on our spiritual journey. This mirror serves many purposes that heighten our awareness of our words and actions and accelerate our self understanding and spiritual development. Self awareness is one of the necessities for self understanding. Astrology and the Atlantean Oracle provides this self awareness through symbols that reflect what’s happening in our lives and giving various perspectives with which to look at them.

There are techniques taught in the books by which one can have three cards each day to reflect the goings on in one’s life. Combine these three cards per day with the other two to six cards that one has for every 52-day period and another group of 4 cards that describe the challenges and long range influences for each year and you have a mirror of your life to any degree of detail that you desire. These cards tell the story of your life in symbols, the ups and downs, the relationships, the challenges and the victories.

In closing, all are invited to take a look in this Atlantean Book of Destiny to see what it has to say about them, their personalities, their relationships, and their past, present and future. The best place to find out about this system and to learn how to use it is in the book, The Cards of Your Destiny.

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